Interstellar Lessons : The Atheism Paradox

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Recently i watched Interstellar again, armed with my arsenal of space-time knowledge and what nots. And perhaps this knowledge paved off big time in getting me the philosophy of Interstellar. The biggest thing that was shown was the fact that we as 3D begins can’t perceive the 5D dimensional space and time.

The 5D beings molded the space time as they saw fit so as to program it in such a way that we could imagine in the form of tesseract. Now, applying the same logic, if the entire science and the theory of everything is an equation, than perhaps you should believe the fact that science and equations are the only thing concrete. Than if everything is governed by rules, than perhaps, we are just programs, in an infinitely complex language. And the programmer’s have abstracted the higher level programming (the higher dimensions) with us. Maybe we all are just part of a program like Tron? Because ultimately, 0 and 1, are the only two things that are concrete and infinite, and we roam in between them. A super complex Quantum System! Which defines every aspect of us, in every single way! And than of higher universe, than of god, and than of beyond our imagination? What if that system explains everything. That program! That perfect program. Already quantum advancement and increase in technological prowess can create very powerful simulators. What if we are under part of such advanced technology. Now we ideally can’t relate our present state to the infinitely complex logical system we are part of. We just cant possibly imagine. It’s beyond our mortal scope. But we do know, that in our pursuit of knowledge, we might breach new layers of technology, and we could just glimpse that we can indeed be a part of a logical system that we just can’t comprehend. And perhaps, love is the only emotion that makes us humans, and be able to ask and imagine such questions! It makes us intelligent enough to connect with all dimensions if there are, to complete the system. And love, like gravity, can help us connect boundaries :).

Pardon me for questioning the free will dilemma again, but Interstellar shows that Cooper used the power of love to help himself reach there, in short, the higher begins exploited love as an emotion in our basic traits to make choices that we “perceived” as making in our own free will. Using this concept, we can conclude that we do what we do, we make the choices thinking we are making out of free will, but in reality we are only doing it for the things that we love or care much about doing!

In fact, this very concept was shown in the Dr.Mann vs sequence. Cooper cares much about his family and also his responsibility. He is willing to die with people he loves by deciding to go back to planet Earth knowing that it is soon going to get destroyed. And as Dr.Mann implied in his character was the fact that he will do what he cares much about, and that is himself. He wants to make sure that every human being is extinct just because he loves himself so much. He wants to make sure every single hope of human race survival is extinct just as his hopes were quenched (“I didn’t have much hopes to begin with”). He wants to kill them all, because he is dying himself. This explains his entire set of choices. The core love in his system was love for himself, so he made the choice of finding any hope to save himself, than if no hope found; to find  a way of killing every one, to escape in Endurance. Everything. Even his death because he was afraid that in trusting in Cooper, he will find a way to save everyone. His love of himself overshadowed his love for everyone! Dr. Cooper on the other hand, made his choices for the love of his family. He made the choice to save everyone, than he made the choice to sacrifice himself so that any hopes for his daughter Murph remains alive. Than after realizing what the tesseract is, he made the choice to possibly kill himself again and again, as long  Murhph lives again and again.

I sincerely believe, that this particular trait of love and the things that we do for love (GoT copyright :P), makes us very much human. This driving force, that set of choices we make for the things we deeply care about, defines us. We should sometimes really ask ourself, what the are the things or persons that we really love and would go extra miles up to the point of your own death perhaps? We would think we are doing it on the concept of free will. Which we actually are, because our love is variable! And this is where the pardox begins.

If we actually see “they” as programmers from higher dimensions, “they” are programming us using this language of love. “They” keep changing the way our lives will be influenced by changing the circumstances! The circumstances can include from a very wide range of things, from the geographical location of our birth, the natural calamities, the sun, the moon, the planets, the mighty asteroids, the mechanical failures, the technological eurekas! “They” control our emotion of love by controlling the very fabric of space-time itself, which is perhaps every thing in this universe! We are such tiny components in front of this entire fabric of universe, or perhaps we are the only components? We are being simulated?

And to be pretty clear, our love is variable. This is how and perhaps every single life form in this entire universe evolve or provide evolution by not being on the same state we were when on birth. We “experience” things, and our love changes accordingly. At birth, perhaps we would only want love and care in order to survive. Than our love would rapidly change according to the circumstances. If we meet with an early age accident, our set of choices would be different than if not! We would react according to the circumstances. Perhaps some phase in your life you are very upset, than suddenly good things start happening and your life turns around for good; and vice versa!

The beauty of this paradox is that we would all think at every single moment of our time, that we are doing it with our own free will! And we are in fact, because we are making the perfect set of choices possible at that particular “moment”. And this particular “moment” is defined by the higher level programmers, gods, “they”, or what ever name you give to people who create time and space itself.

The moral of this entire theory is a very simple fact: “Never Regret”. You made the choices you made, because the space-time was at that moment that you were left with a only choice. You might have thought you “could have”, “would have”, “should have”, but in actuality you were left with a single choice. You can blame god for it, or you can thank god for it.

The overall conclusion would be that every single moment or time created by “they”, our love (which makes us humans and exercise free will) changes rapidly, making us make the only single choice available out of our own free will :). So live free, never regret, god or “they” is always there with you.


The Philosophy Predestination is trying to Explain: Plot Details and Predestination Paradox Lessons

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Recently i watched Predestination and it completely blew my mind off. Till now i always believed in Grandfather Paradox and many worlds theory, now after watching the movie i am very much inclined to give Predestination paradox a serious thought.

In Predestination, John/Jane is the source of his own creation, in a timeline where he himself creates the Fuzzy Bomber. A wikipedia entry explains the timeline in a very concise manner:-

He tells John that he needed John to meet with Jane in order for her to become pregnant and give birth to a child that would eventually grow up to be them and that he deceived John as he had no intention of getting him to kill the Fizzle Bomber. If the temporal agent had not kidnapped the child and transported her back to 1945, or had not set up John and Jane, all of them would not exist. John states that he doesn’t want to leave Jane, but the temporal agent insists it has to be.”

I borrowed a more detailed timeline from a site:-

1975, Temporal agent has face burnt whilst trying to stop the ‘Fizzle Bomber’ who then escapes. A faceless stranger appears and helps badly burnt agent activate his portable time machine.

1992, Agent travels forward in time to the Temporal Bureau, an organization founded in 1985 after the invention of time travel. There he has reconstructive facial surgery, and we find out the Fizzle Bomber killed 11,000 people in New York in 1975.

1970, Temporal agent goes back to New York posing as a bartender and seems keen to engage a man calling himself ‘Unmarried Mother’ in conversation. The man explains he was originally a girl called Jane who was left at an orphanage in 1945. In 1963 Jane fell in love with a mystery man, who then disappeared. Jane had a baby who 9 months later was stolen. She then had a sex change and became a writer called John.

The temporal agent says he suspects the mystery man was the Fizzle Bomber and offers John the chance to go back to 1963 and kill the man who who ruined his life. In return he insists John must then join the Temporal Bureau. They then travel back to 1963 together.

1963, John accidentally meets his younger, female self Jane, falls in love, and impregnates her with a child that eventually would grow up to be them. Meanwhile, the temporal agent travels 9 months into the future, takes Jane’s baby and drops her off at an orphanage in 1945. He then drops John off in 1985 to enlist in the Temporal Bureau.

1975, The temporal agent then retires to 1975 but he still retains the use of the time machine which fails to deactivate itself. The retired agent/John soon tracks down the Fizzle Bomber, who actually turns out to be him in the future. He seems to have become insane from using the non-deactivated time machine too often as he sought to travel in time and avert disasters from occurring. However, his actions actually caused thousands of other untold deaths to happen in the process, and so disgusted with his future self, the agent shoots and kills the Fizzle Bomber, thus ensuring he becomes him.

So essentially, The Fizzle Bomber and John, both are same, both are creation of an endless time loop. Whatever choices they made, they would be kept repeating themselves in the loop. The movie is called Predestination for a reason. It removes the many world interpretation by saying that everything, and everything is under a spatial time loop, stuck inside an original time loop. In the simplest term, Its like concentric circles upon circles. The circles being timeline. The bigger circles or timelines engulfing the other timelines. Whatever choices you make, you will be stuck in a loop and continue to do the same choices. If you choose to observe a different timeline, you would end up thinking you made a different choice, but choice has already had happened in a different timeline or circle.

Suppose, He made a choice not to be the fizzle bomber after retirement. It could so happen that he himself became Robertson, and would have created this loop. He would have made a choice to set up the time travel bureau, and to ensure his creation continues, set forward this spatial loop (such as making sure decommission error happens), which makes sure that whatever choices is made, he exists, thus proving Predestination Theory. The other small choices that he would have made, it would have all affected and connected in this one giant loop. Movie throws hints of Robertson being same as Jane. An example quote:-

He tells John that he needed John to meet with Jane in order for her to become pregnant and give birth to a child that would eventually grow up to be them and that he deceived John as he had no intention of getting him to kill the Fizzle Bomber. If the temporal agent had not kidnapped the child and transported her back to 1945, or had not set up John and Jane, all of them would not exist. John states that he doesn’t want to leave Jane, but the temporal agent insists it has to be.”

Because the events of the movie is the depiction and living of the temporal loop, not outside of the loop and its creation, the one we call the original timeline under which this loop is happened. So there can be any numerous timelines, all interconnected, in one giant loop. I mean the creation of the device, could be in such a way that its part of this loop. In a way this movie shows that we can all be part of our own creation. The illusion of free will that we have, its free will for us. Whatever choices we make, it would be unaffected in the space time continuum. Because every choice will start and end in a loop, affecting and influencing other loops. This sum of all loops would be a tiny zero. The nothingness. So the creator, the higher being, for them we would under a tiny zero, a tiny by product of a complex time space continuation. For them, whatever choices we made, we will make, or we are making, the past, future and the present, they all exist in the same time frame. For them, our concept of free will will be an alien one, because they are above the time space continuum, above space and time as we know and define it.

Some important lessons that i can think from Predestination is that whatever regrets that we have, we shouldn’t have. Because it’s all part of the plan. All the different choices, circumstances and situations that we want to change, every single choice we would want to take differently, every alternates we can think of, it would spawn into an alternate timeline, and already exists as of the present definition of Now. For us now means present, for the higher beings, the Now means the past and the future. So everything has existed, and every other choice is being made as you currently read this blog. In alternate timeline you could have been a different person altogether, and my blog might not exist. And this alternate universe is happening now, just we don’t realize it is because we cant observe it. Jane doesn’t realize until he gets to know. So any number of timelines can simultaneously exist.

Now imagine these timelines for every life on earth, and for that matter, for every stars, every other planets, every galaxies and for every universe. The alternate universes that simultaneously exist in a loop (all alternate universes have beginning and end). These alternate universes, with different set of physical laws.

Therefore, We should have faith on the higher beings, the creators of this universal loop, the one who created all the entire universes and timelines, and continue to make our free will choices by showing supreme faith and removing any regrets of the past. For them, our entire beginning and end would occur as a giant spatial loop. For us however, our present choices would dictate our future, which currently, as of the present NOW, is in our very hands. We shouldn’t worry much about circumstances (for they are only but created by the higher beings), but continue to make our free will choices.

For the past is just a set of choices that you willingly chose to observe for this timeline, this spatial loop, this Predestination Temporal Loop. You are your own agent. So chose to make your choices correctly. I made my choice to write this article, because i chose to observe this timeline, this spatial loop, this alternate version of myself. Another alternate version of me that is not writing this article could very much exist at the same time, and would be happening now. Just i can never reach it, because for me, the time always moves in forward direction. If i had power of time travel to my own body, i would have went back in time and not written this article, however i would have ended up creating another timeline. But the events of this original timeline would have happened, and i would have written an article any ways, hence my choice of changing the past affected nothing.

So after the movie, and some serious thinking, I believe that we should exercise our free will more willingly, and remove any regrets of the past. It’s the present “time” that matters, and what choices you make in this present waking moment. In a way, which universe you choose to observe in your present life.

That being said however, Predestination is a fresh new hit on the sci fi category. By not being overtly complicated like The Primer, it’s an awesome movie that deserves to be watched and praised.

Some Conspiracy Theory Randoms: End of World by Democracy @_@

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I think the world would strive to keep balance between communism and capitalism. Government restrictions on some and Capitalism free market on others. But judging by how corporations are taking over, the government is being pressurized to increase more control. The problem is wealth and economy. If the government releases wealth, and gives it over to the corporations, the world will collapse. But if government controls the wealth, the economy, it can control the corporations. So what if, if we give control of wealth to the people? Than the world will go into riots and again the world will break down. So any pure means of attaining it is unattainable.

Than how is it possible? I think than Its the superpowers that will dictate the terms. USA have many chances of breaking down and India and China emerging up. But this can only happen in case of war, and the nukes will destroy everything. Everyone is afraid to use Nukes, which has kept a solid check on World Wars these past decades. Terrorism is another thing altogether. Some say USA promotes it, But whatever is the case, USA is preparing for another war. To gobble up countries. And when tensions will arise too much, the winds from the east will strive to keep balance and Threaten USA. The Nukes warning will stride USA apart. So military wise, the world will be in a standoff.

So if that happens, the only thing that can change our life is technology. In a more free market countries, Technologies bloom and it comes off to the more restricted market. The economic disparity makes poor people want to feel those technologies. Internet is the only pure innovative thing left, with more countries finding it difficult to restrict. USA is smart enough to control the internet and implement proper Cyber Laws. But apart from that, the economic disparity exists.

So for more rich people to more poor people, the government is being pressurized to help the poor. And the corporations in the free market are currently trying to create technologies that can help this happen. For that, the government has to give in to either more restrictions or less restrictions. For USA, the trend is shifting towards less restrictions. Effects of pure Capitalism is being seen on USA. Likewise China and India are feeling the heat of more Communism. However two other systems: Justice and Education bring democracy to the fore.

Hence to counter this and keep a perfect balance, Democracy is idle because both government and corporations will fight over to give proper development for poor. However people have to realize their rights and stop adjusting and demand proper justice. For that, corruptions has to be eliminated. If corruption is eliminated, than peaceful developing countries like Denmark and New Zealand can emerge. For less corruption, Justice and Education will be perfect for the people to eliminate economic disparity, creating perfect economic conditions.

So if the world can eliminate corruption, it will arrive at an idle state where everyone rises together to bring individualism in the people. No crime. No corruption. But the world survives for that to happen, it will already be ended by environment, nature, asteriod, nuke winter, polar ice caps meltdown etc. But if these uncontrollable factors also doesn’t happen, the world will collapse into a technological singularity. The one where every individual will be on another virtual world for most of the time, just keeping enough interactions to keep them fed. And even that is being naturally supplied and the world survives all the government disparities to achieve idle democracy, cyber war would become a new reality for us, with people either fighting over the cyber world, or people being bombarded by so many many many choices that they will just adjust to a few and surrender their control to Corporations. Than Corporations would have truly taken over the world, by creating perfect democratic conditions such that people would think they are in control but its the vice versa that is true.

Some random rambling!

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Let’s open up with the biggest paraphrase ever, that there is one soul! A prelude to this sentence can be done if we ascend back to the greatest question ever. What is life?  How or rather what happens when someone dies? Is it Heaven or Hell? What is exactly that makes a human being tick?

Well, the answer to that, according to our theory, is that there is singular source of intense energy that makes the heart tick and the machine that is human  being work. Its that energy which makes the enzymes in our brain work, its that energy that makes our brain hormones secrete. This is  because the entire world is in a constant state of vibration! Vibration from higgs boson particles, or according to wave theory. These constant vibrations define us. In a short detour on astrology, at the time of your birth, you get unique “Astro” characteristics. These characteristics is because of gravitation that acts of the planets assignment or alignment in the skies. The same gravitation that affects metals etc. Thats why you are suggested to wear certain gemstones to control the vibrations that are characteristics of the birth stars owing to gravity.

Now these vibrations are centralized at the center of your body, these vibrations accumulate near your heart, which puts these vibrations to a constant resonance (the initial energy is provided by the planets). That shapes you, define you, make you complete. So thats why during meditation, you focus deeply to your heart or brain, the center source of these vibrations. As you reach there, you feel good about it! Thats why weed affects your status, it gets you closer to your energy source, making you feel the vibrations!

Now having said that, what happens after we die? After we die, well, after we die, due to irrepairable damage to your organs, the energy source explodes and disperses. Thats right, explode. This is because the energy source tries very hard to contain the damage, in the process exploding if failed. Imagine a shrinking baloon! So now, after we die, the energy disperses all around, and they join the universal energy, or energy of their own frequencies or levels. Now, at the time of birth, these energies gather around the new forming intense energy source, and owing to certain gravitation causes due to planet alignment, and other frequency change causes, and other different conditions, a child is conceived! That creates a new energy source, filled with different energies of different frequencies and owing to gravitation changes and other conditions!

This energy source is you! The unique You! There can be no variation of you, other than out of trillions of trillions of millions to one odds. So, in philosophical terms, Life is energy! You are the center source of your energy! This is your life, you can do anything you want, because after that, you wont get second chances, so never ever compromise on anything. There is no karma, or act! Everything is defined by you, right here, right now! So never compromise on doing anything, anything that pleases your heart, or in our words, energy source, is worth doing, because you wont be going to heaven or hell, you will just disperse owing to your organ failure and energy source explosion trying to save that! So concluding on, there can only be one you!

You can never be the same you ever again, only, in again millions of odds, some of your parts will come back. Other wise, there is no chance of you being you again! Give this energy source to gather more positive energy. Because, these positive energies drive the energy source to expand and become more rechargeable, in turn, simulating your hormone secretions via vibrations (more positive energy = more vibrations of inner energy = better secretion of hormones of your brain). So give your life full chance of getting these energies, positive energies, in short, being happy!

Never Ever Give Up!

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Never Ever Give Up!

I found this to be the very best post by Zen Pencils, and decided to share it. It motivates me to think that while talent and genius is an added bonus, it’s a person’s ultimate persistence for something that gets him the reward. And in that regard i have noticed, while you want something truly and deeply, the nature perspires to make things easy for you. Again, you wont get the ultimate success after a string of failures and learning, and there are lot of variables attached such as amount of work put in, subsequent expertise and the time frame. But what would beat every obstacle is true Persistence and Determination and the ability to keep yourself attached to your goals deeply.

You can find the original post here: .

Role of an Entrepreneur in India’s development

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The term Entrepreneurship, according to Wikipedia, denotes an owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative. While “risk and initiatives” are two bold words for the term, they apply aptly for an Entrepreneur. However, the high reward for these risks more than often compensates, transforming Entrepreneurs into individuals who can bring about a vast majority of changes in our country with their vision and desire to achieve. In that regard, an Entrepreneur can bring certain changes to the society and to our country.

Entrepreneurs can and should pivot a very important role in our country’s development by creating jobs. It’s evident that Entrepreneurs create initiatives, which in turn creates opportunities, which in turn creates jobs. The latest Census reports the unemployment rate as 9.4%, and to further lower this percentage, we need more job opportunities. At a large scale, it should be done by Entrepreneurs. It’s worth noting that both the reports prepared by Planning Commission to generate employment opportunities for 10crore people over the next ten years have strongly recommended self-employment as a way-out for teaming unemployed youth. One such example can be pointed to Mr. N.R Narayana Murthy, whose company Infosys now employs over 145,088 employees.

However, the most important role that Entrepreneurs can play in the country’s development is by creating wealth for the country, which in turn can fund further start ups and budding Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial companies offer the greatest opportunity for wealth creation, simply because they have the potential of capturing the market, especially international. Creating and sharing wealth can enable entrepreneurs to do what India’s government has failed to do since Independence, such as transforming education and rural India, making wealth an instrument for bringing the revolutions to build the new India. Think of the next Google or Microsoft from India, and the amount of social change it can bring to our country from the wealth generated. Considering India’s increased poverty rate of 37.2%, Entrepreneurs should create wealth overflow in the country for its development.

Lastly, Entrepreneurs should create more innovations for India’s development. It’s a known fact that Entrepreneurs are the harbingers of new innovations and fresh ideas. And our country, with its increased literacy rate, has a plentiful quality number of innovators, as evident by the increasing number of R&Ds shifts in our country. Entrepreneurs can therefore nurture a great change in the society with their fair set of innovations. Be it technological changes or social changes, the innovative ideas that an Entrepreneur brings in the society contributes towards the betterment of our country by the creation of better products and services. And the thing with innovation is that it creates a ripple effect in such a way that one innovation leads to another, with each innovation contributing some changes towards the society.

Concluding on, creating jobs, generating wealth and nurturing innovation are some of the very crucial job roles that Entrepreneurs should play, all aimed towards sustained development of our country.


A very inspirational article read on Facebook about Success

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One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.
-Tony Robbins

Commentary by Sudhir Krishnan:

It is common to attribute other people’s success to availablity of resources, talent, luck etc. However the truth is that more than talent and availablity of resources, the reason why the great people in every field became so is because of continuous focus on mastering their craft over long periods of time. Talent is overrated. There are so many talented people out there who never make it to their full potential, as for one reason or another, they get distracted and stop growing. Talent may get you to the door, but it it not sufficient to ensure greatness. Also when you are talking about the top 20% in every profession, it is quite likely that all of these people are very talented anyway. What separates the top 5% compared to the top 20% is thus the relentless focus on mastering their craft completely, growing each day, and never losing track of their goal. This type of progress cannot happen by just mechanical focus on goals – there needs to be inherent passion and inspiration driving those goals. This is why it is important to do what the heart long for – it is impossible to become really good at something in which there is no heart.

It is said that a woman approached the famous spanish painter Pablo picasso and asked him for an autograph, which he signed. Then she said “I love your paintings. Can you please make me a quick sketch?” Picasso took her autograph book and in less than a minute drew a beautiful picture of the scenary around. The woman was stunned by the beautiful picture, thanked him and proceed to leave. Just as she turned, Picasso said “Lady – that will be a million dollars!” The woman, now shocked said “But it took you only 30 seconds to draw that”. To that Picasso said, “Yes, but it took me 30 years to be able to draw that in 30 seconds.”