Voice of the System:- Education System (Part 2)

The coaching and the       Engineering : DAMAGES

Let us explore a bit more about the Engineering exams.As i explained before,right after class 12th students are required to give competition exams to be selected into various engineering colleges.Every student tries to vouche for government colleges,(which still dazzles me),and for their aid comes the coaching institutes which “guide” the students for these exams.Now to be eligible for engineering,a student must have Science and Maths in their class 12th subjects,which are to be choosen right after class 10th.Take it this way,till 10th there are generalised studies,comprising everything from social sciences to Science,and after 10th a student has to take a compulsory language (English generally),followed by two compulsory subjects and two optional subjects.For engineering naturally students choose Science (Physics and Chemistry) followed by Maths and some other optional which they neglect completly.So focus is always on in Physics,Chemistry and Maths from the very beginning.(neglecting the two subjects,heck in my school optional subject of mine:- Physical Education was never taught!).This is the first damage.Many or rather most of the students dont take Sciences as their first choice after class 10th.Many of them are unaware of their interests and dont even attempt to try to find out their interests.Even if they do,they are forced to take sciences and to pursue engineering,as i explianed due to the hype.As a result their latent talent are destroyed or diminshed.This happened to me.I had lots of interest in Economics and Business studies,but i was forced to take science to pursue engineering despite the fact i had no interest in science and Engineering.Now people might assume i am cussing because of my sobby story,but ask any other guy or girl,they will tell the same story,if reluctantly.Thats the second damage.Now engineering competitive exams are tough and many.Not many are able to crack them,as the questions test students analytical ability to the fullest.For highly competitive exams like IIT JEE and AIEEE,pure knowledge and pure practice is required.For an average student to crack JEE (given he has no genuine interest in Engg. as the most of the cases),he has to devote 14 hours of daily study for two years!.Sounds nerve cracking eh?But truth is students study far more than that!.Our Education system has focused on this alone:- Root Knowledge or a better lucrative word:- CRAMMING LIKE A PARROT.Thats what our students have become,putting parrots to shame.Compare our system to USAs,the education system of USA focus EQUALLY on extra circular (forget my spelling) activities,Sports,Dance,Music etc. are given equal attention and are part of the school circullam.Come India and they are absent.Sure schools “boast” of their sports activities,but few students take part (biased political participitation) and no work is ever done to promote games and music.Sure we have Periods of that,but we just waste time or talk of “studies” in that period.I remember in my Games period of class 10th,many students used to open books and study.And in 10+2 there is no games,music at all.Thanks to the “exponential” rise in the school syllabus,no time is given to other practices.Syllabus,particularly of CBSE has been designed in such a way of science that a mammoth increase happens from switching to class 11th (Many complaint that 11th is tougher than 12th!).No attention to games and priority to other activities like projects etc. are given.Now not many are able to survive the transition (i being one of them),but students dont give up fearing parents and peer pressure and they compete and drag on (thankfully i didnt do this,i resisted and did what others wont dare to,pursued my interests and neglected my studies only till its necessary and yet i dont regret a bit because i have enjoyed my 11th and 12th to the fullest,a rare among our students group),they cut on their interests,put more time on studies,undertake more coachings,are more depressed and prone to anger.They roam here and there falling pray to the corporate powerplays of the coaching Institutes and ever increasing pressure.They dont analyze themselves and come to terms that engineering not for them or that they should aim lower or they cant concentrate that much,cant blame them because at that age and at that scenario giving up is never an option.They dont even set their standards,they just do what others are doing:- HERD MENTALITY.And eventually what happens to most of the students is they are a jumbled mess of angry harrased students,with nothing done proper.Their latent talents:- Destroyed or significantly reduced.Their interests:- Neglected.Their Studies:- Improper.And most importantly they didnt compete anywhere.Thats the case of the most of the students here.And this dawning sets in to many of them by the time class 12th Boards arrive as a result they are depressed and many of them either give up exams completly and just drag on with morale tending to zero or worst commit suicide fearing their parents and peers.This is the damage number three and four respectively,Root learning of our system and the increased competion without guidance destroy student’s talents and hamper their overall growth or even death and the outdated syllabus of our education system.Parents argue on this saying children mind are “vibrating” after 10th and they are too young to decide whats good for them.Then how the hell do they leave their “vibrant” children alone to be fed up with the coachings.An average engg. aspring student of India toils on extreme heat,rain or even cold.Spent 6 hours in school and further 6 hours in coaching,cut on sleep,desperatly trying to complete their Home Assignments or trying to finish those pretty books like HC Verma or others.Where is the required guidance?Why do parents thrust us towards the coaching and feel they have done their resposibility.But than again parents are not much to blame yet again as students owing to great amout of peer group think they have grown and they can handle alone,triggering the chain reaction yet again.Some parents even they try to guide,students take it in some other way.But ultimately its the student who faces the heat,the cold and the pressure.One of my friend studies in KOTA in the drop out year (dropping a year off in order to pursue engg.,common trend in India,was even more worst when the attempts to JEE and AIEEE werent reduced to 2 and 3 respectively.),he says classes begin from 7:30 to 1:30,than he takes sleep and lunch till 5 PM.After that,from 5PM to whooping 2AM he studies with only a dinner break and few breaks.I asked why the hell he does that?When does he have time for his Bikes?(he is avid bike fans and very passionate about bikes).He replies he cant help it because the DPP (Daily Practice Papers,home assignments another terms) are so much,plus he has to complete books too,plus revision of the classes,he cant even think of any other thing.This is the case,in our system.I Have seen students,on how they toil the intense heat,the cold and the rain to attend the coachings,on how they spend sleepless nights completing their assignments and for stats I am talking in terms of lakhs and lakhs of students doing this again and again.And parents dont listen to that!Many students are dissatisfied with the coaching,but they are afraid to voice their opinion.Thats our mostly ignorant parents,always expecting high of us paying blind attention towards what is going on inside.They forget whats being child is.Schooling,which is so important is neglected.Further parents dont give importance to schools.A new trend has arisen,thanks to city of KOTA,students dont go to schools,they submit the required fees in order that their attandance be completed,they dont attend any practicals and any other school activites in order to focus their attention on coaching and engg.As a result Class 12th boards,which are again very important are also neglected to a bit.Practical exams in India in most of the parts are shame.Project works and other things included in circullum are just for name sake and most of the school awards marks without any project submitted.Thats damage number five:- The outdated corrupt school system and no guidance.Now readers might wonder i am saying competition competition,how high is the competition.Well for stats Of the 384,977 candidates who appeared in the examination conducted on April 12, 2009, 10,035 candidates have been declared qualified to seek admission, giving a selectivity of 1 in 38 overall, 1 in 46 for the 8,295 seats in IITs,IT-BHU and ISMU and 1 in 59 for the IITs only (statistically difficult than getting into MIT,Havard or Princeton).In 2009, around 9,62,000 candidates appeared for the AIEEE across 1460 centers across India and in international centers setup at Dubai and Riyadh.Now for a competition of such highness and grandeour some institutes and coachings have opened which offer so called “guidance” and materials for preparation for engineering competition exams.According to some estimates, nearly 95% of all students who clear the IIT-JEE had joined coaching classes.Now some of them are great,especially private tution and are neccessary for the right guidance and preparation a child passing after 10th needs.But most of them are fake,they boast around with buyed in results and build upon their faculty.The Coaching Institute has become a booming business in India.One recent example is city of Kota.The city is such a major destination for teens studying for the IIT-JEE that in the last few years it has become a bit of a boomtown, with bike shops, restaurants and hotels opening up, as well as the launch of the first commercial flights.But what many dont understand is BUSINESS is BUSINESS.Many Coaching institutes literally play with us,with our confidence,with our money and all they care is that we submit our fees (which many of us do in the starting).Especially big brands like FIITJEE,BANSAL etc.Many of the IIT graduates,failing to acquire placements or jobs,open coaching institutes with their IIT degree backing it up.And boy do they earn….lakhs in months!.Study for us is corporate business for them and all laws of business applies to our studies.So much we are dependant on coaching that we loose our self study callibre,our self dependancy.Recent example is 45 failes students in IIT Kanpur.Those students were from Kota and studied the “trips and tricks” required for Engg. exams.Although they got through JEE but when it came to performing in class tests of IIT they failed because they lacked the calibre to deliver alone.(They apparently prepared in groups and with teachers).They also neglected their schooling which i consider is the most important place to personally develop yourself (atleast in India its the best you can expect).Thats damage number six:- Loss of essence.Further,people have this misunderstanding that engineering has far less studies.Especially among parents their common dialogues for “motivating” their children (Watch the Super 30 Documentary in Discovery Channel if you dont believe it) is “Abhi padh loh beta baad mein masti karna” (Study now and enjoy later).What they tend to forget is STUDIES are and will be is a CONTINUOUS PROCESS.Not something like study now sleep later.Your studies continue till you get jobs:- that means right through the colleges.Yea sure engg. college has somewhat…SOMEWHAT less studies than the mamoth class 11th and 12th syllabus owing to branch studies but many students just give up study(studying in like last days of exam) when they get good colleges.Students have to learn to enjoy and study together,neglecting other thing damages others and in turn damage the personality which is ever so important in present day global village.(Exception to some “bookworms” who “enjoy” studying…rare breed).Study is everywhere,plus in this digital age its easy to grasp.Go subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=nptelhrd&view=videos&start=20 and you have all the IITs lecture.Or MIT Open Courseware where about 1,800 lectures are available from the best minds of MIT!.But still,students opt to toil the heat and face the depression.Pick any coaching institute,u will find thousands and thousands of students there.Lots of batches by one single teacher.Everywhere there is coaching,and some places like Vizag at tender age of 4!!!!Tutions,coachings for IIT JEE has plagued our country.In Patna where i live,most of the billboards has been advertised for Coaching Instittions.Dont mention Kota,where there is coaching in every street.The craze of All India Ranks (AIR) has hit our country very very bad.Many of the readers might interpret as me saying “Hey chill down Dont study Let’s play Video Games”.Some might also argue (especially students) that tutions are coaching are essential,if we cant study and understand by our school teachers,than where to go?Tutions is the only option!.Sure it is,i am never saying not to attend tution completly,hell such is our education system that proper tutions form proper backbone.All i am saying is proper awareness of yourself at every stage is neccessary,and never falling for brands of education.Lack of awareness is perhaps root cause of all the damages.We have to study hard like it or not,because forget IIT,competing anywhere in engineering competition is tough,but just i am saying to students dont fall in to Corporative nature of coachings,peer pressure and parental pressure.Analyze and access yourself and set the limitations.IIT and IIM is the best,almost 50 percent CEOs of many institutes are alumini of IIT and IIM including my uncle Vishal Ranjan who has started his own company Asclepius Consultancy.But not everyone in the more than 10 lakhs student commnuity aspiring for IIT and IIM compete.Quite a significant amout go through extreme stress and depression of not having competed anywhere,let alone JEE.This will be reduced if you have a backup plan or perhaps will be eradicated if everyone analyzed themselves and set exactly what they want.But again we come to this inevitability,as nobody will back down and 16-17 is too young age to self discover yourself…BLAME THE SYSTEM.So this circle will continue unless until proper changes of the student mindset and proper awareness and a complete overhaul of the education system occurs.Those society pride in IIT must be destroyed.Every sector must be given equal chances like which happens in USA.Many works have been “proposed” by HRD minister Kapil Sibal,like removing class 10th boards or putting grade systems,but these are mere proposals which have been delayed and kept on delaying thanks to our political system.Unless a drastic step is not taken,craze of IIT and Engineering is going to increase over the years,perhaps more rapidly.


Well after a really long report which lasted a week,only conlusion that can be drawn is CHANGE. As i mentioned before changes in every sphere of our education system is needed (a drastic change,not some slow implementing).Our education is outdated and focuses more on root learning.The Primary schools and the Secondary schools of the government are plagued with problems ranging from lack of infrastructure to faculty.Come Private and they charge high fees for proper studies.Sports and other extra circullar activites are almost absent in both Primary and Secondary schools,focussing more on marks and biasing students on the basis of marks alone.Although many spehres are there for higher education but due to widestream herd mentality of ours,societal stigma associated with engineering,good paypackets in engineering,peer and parental pressure and our own mindset and ability to not to recognize our abilities and interests has forced engineering in the forefront.Capitlizing on the extremly tough engineering competition exams (especially of IITs and NITs),several coaching institutes have sprung up.Although some of them are good,mostly are of corporative nature,frequent faculty changes and other “deals” make some coaching “good” and some bad,affecting our studies in the end.Coaching also strips of our freedom and time to enjoy and relax ourself and make us dependable on institutes,loosing our ability to study ourself,hindering our studies in colleges.The exams too,being tough and extremly competitive,leave a large mass of angry harrased and depressed students behind,of which nothing is done for.Many commit suicide in such tender age.Lack of awareness further plague all the students and parents who act according the outworldy and entirely rubbish rumours.Rural education is praisable since lots of students from rural areas are seen coming to the forefront,though most of them in engineering.Praise of our system are far and few.One praise came when some US politician praised our students ability to work hard and survive many hours of schooling…but i ask at what costs?The foreigners treat us as means of cheap labour,and we are so happy to work in MNCs and gain so called “big bucks”(which are nothing when u put the reverse conversion) that we loose the little bit of self thinking we had.
Changes and proposals are to be acted fast and not made to just words.Grade system is the need so that marks race comes to end.Also the syllabus should be bisected,especially of the science,as the syllabus rise is not parallel to the brain development and ability to think.But what is the most basic need is more awareness to the students,both self and mass.The ability to think out of the crowd must be developed.Changes must be brought first to the students,their over dependancy to the coaching and thinking nothing other than JEE and engineering must be eradicated.Next comes the society,the over hyped engineering must be brought to its level with other streams.The Societal “pride” associated with engineering must be implemented to other streams.Everyone must be treated equal as far as academics is concerned.The Parents should understand its the 21st century,and how the job market works.They can easily identify the child’s interests and must promote it.They should not burden their expectations to the students.A Child of ours should be treated as a child and not by any means a medium to fulfil your unachieable dreams and pride in the society.
But ultimately again its the system that has to be changed,the system which at the top level trickles down and has outdated our education for long.

Ps: All the staistical sources are from wikipedia.org
Ps2: Again excuse me for any of the spelling mistakes again!


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