Some random rambling!

Let’s open up with the biggest paraphrase ever, that there is one soul! A prelude to this sentence can be done if we ascend back to the greatest question ever. What is life?  How or rather what happens when someone dies? Is it Heaven or Hell? What is exactly that makes a human being tick?

Well, the answer to that, according to our theory, is that there is singular source of intense energy that makes the heart tick and the machine that is human  being work. Its that energy which makes the enzymes in our brain work, its that energy that makes our brain hormones secrete. This is  because the entire world is in a constant state of vibration! Vibration from higgs boson particles, or according to wave theory. These constant vibrations define us. In a short detour on astrology, at the time of your birth, you get unique “Astro” characteristics. These characteristics is because of gravitation that acts of the planets assignment or alignment in the skies. The same gravitation that affects metals etc. Thats why you are suggested to wear certain gemstones to control the vibrations that are characteristics of the birth stars owing to gravity.

Now these vibrations are centralized at the center of your body, these vibrations accumulate near your heart, which puts these vibrations to a constant resonance (the initial energy is provided by the planets). That shapes you, define you, make you complete. So thats why during meditation, you focus deeply to your heart or brain, the center source of these vibrations. As you reach there, you feel good about it! Thats why weed affects your status, it gets you closer to your energy source, making you feel the vibrations!

Now having said that, what happens after we die? After we die, well, after we die, due to irrepairable damage to your organs, the energy source explodes and disperses. Thats right, explode. This is because the energy source tries very hard to contain the damage, in the process exploding if failed. Imagine a shrinking baloon! So now, after we die, the energy disperses all around, and they join the universal energy, or energy of their own frequencies or levels. Now, at the time of birth, these energies gather around the new forming intense energy source, and owing to certain gravitation causes due to planet alignment, and other frequency change causes, and other different conditions, a child is conceived! That creates a new energy source, filled with different energies of different frequencies and owing to gravitation changes and other conditions!

This energy source is you! The unique You! There can be no variation of you, other than out of trillions of trillions of millions to one odds. So, in philosophical terms, Life is energy! You are the center source of your energy! This is your life, you can do anything you want, because after that, you wont get second chances, so never ever compromise on anything. There is no karma, or act! Everything is defined by you, right here, right now! So never compromise on doing anything, anything that pleases your heart, or in our words, energy source, is worth doing, because you wont be going to heaven or hell, you will just disperse owing to your organ failure and energy source explosion trying to save that! So concluding on, there can only be one you!

You can never be the same you ever again, only, in again millions of odds, some of your parts will come back. Other wise, there is no chance of you being you again! Give this energy source to gather more positive energy. Because, these positive energies drive the energy source to expand and become more rechargeable, in turn, simulating your hormone secretions via vibrations (more positive energy = more vibrations of inner energy = better secretion of hormones of your brain). So give your life full chance of getting these energies, positive energies, in short, being happy!


~ by gravito on May 17, 2013.

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  1. Wow. this makes the most sense as to life and death. i gonna read it again and again. thank you.

  2. Reblogged this on Acropolis and commented:
    There’s one life. There’s one you. Make the most of it. NOW.

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