Some Conspiracy Theory Randoms: End of World by Democracy @_@

I think the world would strive to keep balance between communism and capitalism. Government restrictions on some and Capitalism free market on others. But judging by how corporations are taking over, the government is being pressurized to increase more control. The problem is wealth and economy. If the government releases wealth, and gives it over to the corporations, the world will collapse. But if government controls the wealth, the economy, it can control the corporations. So what if, if we give control of wealth to the people? Than the world will go into riots and again the world will break down. So any pure means of attaining it is unattainable.

Than how is it possible? I think than Its the superpowers that will dictate the terms. USA have many chances of breaking down and India and China emerging up. But this can only happen in case of war, and the nukes will destroy everything. Everyone is afraid to use Nukes, which has kept a solid check on World Wars these past decades. Terrorism is another thing altogether. Some say USA promotes it, But whatever is the case, USA is preparing for another war. To gobble up countries. And when tensions will arise too much, the winds from the east will strive to keep balance and Threaten USA. The Nukes warning will stride USA apart. So military wise, the world will be in a standoff.

So if that happens, the only thing that can change our life is technology. In a more free market countries, Technologies bloom and it comes off to the more restricted market. The economic disparity makes poor people want to feel those technologies. Internet is the only pure innovative thing left, with more countries finding it difficult to restrict. USA is smart enough to control the internet and implement proper Cyber Laws. But apart from that, the economic disparity exists.

So for more rich people to more poor people, the government is being pressurized to help the poor. And the corporations in the free market are currently trying to create technologies that can help this happen. For that, the government has to give in to either more restrictions or less restrictions. For USA, the trend is shifting towards less restrictions. Effects of pure Capitalism is being seen on USA. Likewise China and India are feeling the heat of more Communism. However two other systems: Justice and Education bring democracy to the fore.

Hence to counter this and keep a perfect balance, Democracy is idle because both government and corporations will fight over to give proper development for poor. However people have to realize their rights and stop adjusting and demand proper justice. For that, corruptions has to be eliminated. If corruption is eliminated, than peaceful developing countries like Denmark and New Zealand can emerge. For less corruption, Justice and Education will be perfect for the people to eliminate economic disparity, creating perfect economic conditions.

So if the world can eliminate corruption, it will arrive at an idle state where everyone rises together to bring individualism in the people. No crime. No corruption. But the world survives for that to happen, it will already be ended by environment, nature, asteriod, nuke winter, polar ice caps meltdown etc. But if these uncontrollable factors also doesn’t happen, the world will collapse into a technological singularity. The one where every individual will be on another virtual world for most of the time, just keeping enough interactions to keep them fed. And even that is being naturally supplied and the world survives all the government disparities to achieve idle democracy, cyber war would become a new reality for us, with people either fighting over the cyber world, or people being bombarded by so many many many choices that they will just adjust to a few and surrender their control to Corporations. Than Corporations would have truly taken over the world, by creating perfect democratic conditions such that people would think they are in control but its the vice versa that is true.


~ by gravito on December 28, 2014.

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  1. this reminds of The Matrix

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