Interstellar Lessons : The Atheism Paradox

Recently i watched Interstellar again, armed with my arsenal of space-time knowledge and what nots. And perhaps this knowledge paved off big time in getting me the philosophy of Interstellar. The biggest thing that was shown was the fact that we as 3D begins can’t perceive the 5D dimensional space and time.

The 5D beings molded the space time as they saw fit so as to program it in such a way that we could imagine in the form of tesseract. Now, applying the same logic, if the entire science and the theory of everything is an equation, than perhaps you should believe the fact that science and equations are the only thing concrete. Than if everything is governed by rules, than perhaps, we are just programs, in an infinitely complex language. And the programmer’s have abstracted the higher level programming (the higher dimensions) with us. Maybe we all are just part of a program like Tron? Because ultimately, 0 and 1, are the only two things that are concrete and infinite, and we roam in between them. A super complex Quantum System! Which defines every aspect of us, in every single way! And than of higher universe, than of god, and than of beyond our imagination? What if that system explains everything. That program! That perfect program. Already quantum advancement and increase in technological prowess can create very powerful simulators. What if we are under part of such advanced technology. Now we ideally can’t relate our present state to the infinitely complex logical system we are part of. We just cant possibly imagine. It’s beyond our mortal scope. But we do know, that in our pursuit of knowledge, we might breach new layers of technology, and we could just glimpse that we can indeed be a part of a logical system that we just can’t comprehend. And perhaps, love is the only emotion that makes us humans, and be able to ask and imagine such questions! It makes us intelligent enough to connect with all dimensions if there are, to complete the system. And love, like gravity, can help us connect boundaries :).

Pardon me for questioning the free will dilemma again, but Interstellar shows that Cooper used the power of love to help himself reach there, in short, the higher begins exploited love as an emotion in our basic traits to make choices that we “perceived” as making in our own free will. Using this concept, we can conclude that we do what we do, we make the choices thinking we are making out of free will, but in reality we are only doing it for the things that we love or care much about doing!

In fact, this very concept was shown in the Dr.Mann vs sequence. Cooper cares much about his family and also his responsibility. He is willing to die with people he loves by deciding to go back to planet Earth knowing that it is soon going to get destroyed. And as Dr.Mann implied in his character was the fact that he will do what he cares much about, and that is himself. He wants to make sure that every human being is extinct just because he loves himself so much. He wants to make sure every single hope of human race survival is extinct just as his hopes were quenched (“I didn’t have much hopes to begin with”). He wants to kill them all, because he is dying himself. This explains his entire set of choices. The core love in his system was love for himself, so he made the choice of finding any hope to save himself, than if no hope found; to find  a way of killing every one, to escape in Endurance. Everything. Even his death because he was afraid that in trusting in Cooper, he will find a way to save everyone. His love of himself overshadowed his love for everyone! Dr. Cooper on the other hand, made his choices for the love of his family. He made the choice to save everyone, than he made the choice to sacrifice himself so that any hopes for his daughter Murph remains alive. Than after realizing what the tesseract is, he made the choice to possibly kill himself again and again, as long  Murhph lives again and again.

I sincerely believe, that this particular trait of love and the things that we do for love (GoT copyright :P), makes us very much human. This driving force, that set of choices we make for the things we deeply care about, defines us. We should sometimes really ask ourself, what the are the things or persons that we really love and would go extra miles up to the point of your own death perhaps? We would think we are doing it on the concept of free will. Which we actually are, because our love is variable! And this is where the pardox begins.

If we actually see “they” as programmers from higher dimensions, “they” are programming us using this language of love. “They” keep changing the way our lives will be influenced by changing the circumstances! The circumstances can include from a very wide range of things, from the geographical location of our birth, the natural calamities, the sun, the moon, the planets, the mighty asteroids, the mechanical failures, the technological eurekas! “They” control our emotion of love by controlling the very fabric of space-time itself, which is perhaps every thing in this universe! We are such tiny components in front of this entire fabric of universe, or perhaps we are the only components? We are being simulated?

And to be pretty clear, our love is variable. This is how and perhaps every single life form in this entire universe evolve or provide evolution by not being on the same state we were when on birth. We “experience” things, and our love changes accordingly. At birth, perhaps we would only want love and care in order to survive. Than our love would rapidly change according to the circumstances. If we meet with an early age accident, our set of choices would be different than if not! We would react according to the circumstances. Perhaps some phase in your life you are very upset, than suddenly good things start happening and your life turns around for good; and vice versa!

The beauty of this paradox is that we would all think at every single moment of our time, that we are doing it with our own free will! And we are in fact, because we are making the perfect set of choices possible at that particular “moment”. And this particular “moment” is defined by the higher level programmers, gods, “they”, or what ever name you give to people who create time and space itself.

The moral of this entire theory is a very simple fact: “Never Regret”. You made the choices you made, because the space-time was at that moment that you were left with a only choice. You might have thought you “could have”, “would have”, “should have”, but in actuality you were left with a single choice. You can blame god for it, or you can thank god for it.

The overall conclusion would be that every single moment or time created by “they”, our love (which makes us humans and exercise free will) changes rapidly, making us make the only single choice available out of our own free will :). So live free, never regret, god or “they” is always there with you.


~ by gravito on April 3, 2015.

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